DUW, Deutsche Universität für Weiterbildung, is Germany’s first state-approved continuing education university.

As a new type of academic university, DUW combines the highest standards of academic quality in research and teaching with comprehensive service to the student.

DUW Berlin

DUW offers master’s degree courses and certificate programs for working professionals. Its courses of study are aimed at people with a first academic degree who want to continue their education in a distance learning program while working. DUW’s study model and supervision concept are tailored to the needs of these working students.

Teaching and Research:
Rooted in Actual Practice

DUW’s teaching and research profile is concentrated on the areas business and management, education, and communication.

In these areas, DUW offers continuing education master’s degree courses and certificate programs, and conducts research. Both the research activities at DUW and the development of the university’s continuing education programs are founded on a continuous dialog between DUW and the “real world” of work and enterprise.

Studying While Working:
Scientific and Pragmatic

The interplay of scientific theory and practice is essential for DUW’s programs of study. All of the master’s degree courses and certificate programs offered are oriented towards the demands of society and the future of the job market.

At the same time, DUW attends in particular to the life situation of working university graduates and the challenges they face in that market. The DUW study model is based on a flexible blended-learning concept that combines distance-learning components with carefully apportioned on-site seminars in Berlin, and optional international field study. Another central ingredient of continuing university education at DUW is comprehensive student counseling and excellent individual academic supervision. Studies at DUW are flexible and thus compatible with the demands of a full-time job.

Knowledge and Skills Transfer

Teaching and research at DUW are driven by the continuous transfer of knowledge and skills between the university and professional practice. Students bring individual experience and problems from their professional and corporate contexts into their coursework at DUW. These cases become the object of scientific examination, with results that enrich both the individual students and their working environments.

Furthermore, the faculty of DUW includes not only researchers with established academic reputations, but also practitioners in the related professional fields whose expertise ensures the practical orientation and relevance of the subject matter taught.

Experienced Partners

Berlin University for Professional Studies has been founded in 2008 as a shared subsidiary of Freie Universität Berlin and Klett group. In that same year, it has been state-accredited as a continuing education university. Berlin University for Professional Studies belongs to the DUW Deutsche Universität für Weiterbildung GmbH which since May 2013  is part of Steinbeis University Berlin and consequently the Steinbeis Network with its more than 900 specialized centers and institutes.