Organizational and Personnel Development - DUW Certificate Program

Strategic Development of Staff and Organization

Berufsbegleitendes Fernstudium in Organisationsentwicklung/ Personalentwicklung

As an expert in organizational and personnel development, you guide processes of change in the company, such as changing product or service profiles, repositioning in the market, and strategic direction. You design structures to support change sustainably, giving consideration to employees’ skills in order to optimize processes and increase the job satisfaction of all involved.

In the Certificate Program in Organizational and Personnel Development, you learn to appraise and apply approaches and methods of strategic organizational development and skills-oriented personnel development. You will be able to analyze the conditions necessary for a learning organization, specify responsibilities and roles in processes of change, and develop an implementation plan.

Organizational and Personnel Development

Final certificate

  • University certificate (15 ECTS units)

Type of course

  • Distance education with in-class units


  • 4 months (standard course duration)

Beginning of course

  • Quarterly enrollment

Distance Education at DUW

  • Practical, relevant curriculum
  • Flexible academic model
  • Up-to-date learning on the Online Campus
  • Individual supervision
Course Content

The certificate program gives you an overview of the conditions, approaches and methods of professional, effective organizational and personnel development. The strategic dimension of planned processes of change forms the focus of this certificate program. You will analyze the strategic underpinnings of organizational and personnel development with regard to your own professional environment, and derive approaches for planned processes of change. You will study the situation and the conditions necessary for the development of a learning organization, and thus deduce the potential contribution of necessary organizational structures and processes to successful change. At the same time, you will explore the possible effect of personnel development in involving employees in processes of change.

Course Goals

On completion of the certificate program, you will be able to use methods of strategic organizational development and skills-oriented personnel development to shape successful processes of change. You will be able to sketch the major phases of organizational and personnel development processes, and apply selected instruments from these two fields in your professional environment. You will be able to compare selected approaches of personnel and organizational development and assess their potentials in a specific corporate or organizational context. You will be able to specify responsibilities and roles in the supervision of processes of organizational change and develop an implementation plan of measures to support the projected change. In this way you reinforce your ability to professionally plan and supervise sustainable changes in businesses and organizations.

Conditions of Admission

To enroll in the Certificate Program in Organizational and Personnel Development, you must have:

  • An undergraduate degree, or
  • An equivalent qualification in the form of a qualification for admission to higher education and several years’ work experience, or completed vocational training and several years’ work experience.

In general, we recommend both work experience and current employment in the corporate education and personnel field or in other areas of the educational system because this allows you to transfer acquired skills directly to your professional practice.

As this program is taught primarily in German, non-native German speakers must prove (no later than date of registration) B2 level German proficiency by means of a corresponding language test (e.g. TestDaF or DSH) or equivalent proof, such as of one semester of university studies with German as the sole language of instruction or work experience in an exclusively German-speaking work environment.

Tuition Fees

You’ll find further information on the Certificate Program in Organizational and Personnel Developmentin our Information and Download Center. You can request free, direct online access to detailed information including:

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  • The syllabus
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