Security Management and Enterprise Security — DUW Degree Program

Protecting Businesses and Infrastructures

Berufsbegleitendes Fernstudium in Sicherheitswirtschaft und Unternehmenssicherheit (Master)

As a security manager, you are responsible for ensuring the security of critical infrastructures such as airports, prisons, or large event venues, in cooperation with state agencies. You analyze and evaluate complex security situations and problems, and provide appropriate solutions. You also protect businesses — both by securing buildings and installations, and by defending against product counterfeiting and network intrusion. As a department manager in a company or as part of a provider in the security industry, you prevent risks throughout the operational value chain.

The Master’s Degree Program in Security Management and Enterprise Security enables you to develop, implement and monitor security concepts. You will acquire background knowledge in business administration, law, and security management, and a firm grasp of the issues in the industry.

Security Management and Enterprise Security (M.A.)


  • Master of Arts (M.A.)

Type of course

  • Distance education with in-class unit


  • 24 months (standard program duration)


Please be advised that in the academic year 2014 no new students will be admitted to this program.


The Master’s Program General Management (MBA) has under the umbrella of Steinbeis University Berlin been upgraded with specializations.  You can now choose between a specialization in Education and Competence Management, Compliance, Security Management and Enterprise Security, or Corporate Communications.

Course Goals

During the program you will acquire a command of all the topics relevant to Security Management and Enterprise Security, and strengthen the skills that are needed in regard to economic, legal and industry-specific conditions to take on management responsibilities in the field. DUW’s proven distance education format — a balanced combination of individual study, online and in-class units — lets you broaden your capabilities while you work, and engage in dialog with expert practitioners. You will also take advantage of the findings of our Forschungsinstitut für Compliance, Sicherheitswirtschaft und Unternehmenssicherheit (Research Institute for Compliance, Security Management and Enterprise Security, FORSI) to build on your personal experience in the areas you work in, and discuss new knowledge from research and actual practice with the institute’s staff. In the 24 month program, you will have the opportunity to expand on the approaches you have learned in your professional field and to acquire knowledge on specific focus topics. The balanced curriculum ensures that you stay abreast of the relevant issues in the industry.

Target Group

The Master’s Degree Program in Security Management and Enterprise Security is aimed at employees who deal with security in business and government agencies. This program of study is particularly advantageous for those who:

  • Aspire to a management or interdepartmental position in the field of security management, enterprise or governmental security, or in the cooperation on security matters between the public sector and private enterprise, or
  • Work with security issues in a legal, commercial or engineering department, or
  • Provide services in the security field.
Professional Field

What is your field of activity as a security expert? Working in security management, you are responsible for procuring and providing security services. Your work as an enterprise security manager is also called for in companies that want their security needs filled in-house. Your duties may include protecting sites, securing IT infrastructures, or guarding brands and products against forgery — all parts of protecting the value chain. As a security expert, you may also have an executive position on the interface between private and public security. Your functions may include cooperation with governmental agencies to secure critical infrastructures, as part of air, rail, port or maritime security for example, or in securing prisons. In any case, you analyze and evaluate complex security situations and problems, and provide appropriate, feasible solutions.

Admission Requirements

To enroll in the Master’s Degree Program in Security Management and Enterprise Security, you must have an undergraduate degree and at least 2 years’ work experience. You must also demonstrate sufficient English language skills (at least level B2/C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).
English proficiency may be proved by:

  • An Internet-based TOEFL score of at least 80;
  • A paper-based TOEFL score of at least 550;
  • A TOEIC score of at least 750;
  • An IELTS 6.0 test;
  • A Cambridge Advanced Certificate of English (CAE), Level B;
  • One semester of university studies with English as the sole language of instruction, or;
  • Equivalent proof, such as proof of an exclusively English-speaking work environment

As this Master's degree program is taught in German, non-native German speakers must prove (no later than date of registration) B2 level German proficiency by means of a corresponding language test (e.g. TestDaF or DSH) or equivalent proof, such as of one semester of university studies with German as the sole language of instruction or work experience in an exclusively German-speaking work environment.

Persons without a university degree may be admitted by means of an assessment of their competency. In this case several years of work experience and appropriate qualifications are required. For further information please contact the study advisory service.

Tuition Fees

You’ll find further information on the Master’s Degree (M.A.) Program in Security Management and Enterprise Security in our Information and Download Center. You can request free, direct online access to detailed information including:

  • Tuition fees and application forms
  • The syllabus
  • Study and examination regulations
  • Timetable of in-class units

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