Drug Research and Management

Bringing Drugs to Market Maturity

Berufsbegleitendes Fernstudium in Drug Research and Management (Master)

As a specialist in the pharmaceutical industry, in a regulatory agency, or in a health care facility, you plan and monitor the complex processes of drug development, approval and marketing. You know the interplay of framework conditions, including the pharmaceutical, medical, economic and legal contexts, in which a new drug reaches market maturity.

The Master’s Degree Program in Drug Research and Management imparts knowledge of the product life cycle of drugs, from development and testing to approval and marketing. You will acquire knowledge in multiple disciplines, drawing simultaneously on science, law and business. In the process, you will develop an analytical and strategic understanding of systems in order to coordinate work processes with other departments and communicate with government agencies.

Drug Research and Management (M.Sc.)


  • Master of Science (M.Sc.)

Type of course

  • Distance education with in-class unit


  • 24 months (standard program duration)


Please be advised that in the academic year 2014 no new students will be admitted to this program.


The Master’s Program General Management (MBA) has under the umbrella of Steinbeis University Berlin been upgraded with specializations.  You can now choose between a specialization in Education and Competence Management, Compliance, Security Management and Enterprise Security, or Corporate Communications.

Course Goals

In the continuing education Master’s Degree Program in Drug Research and Management, you will develop an analytical and strategic, systematic understanding of the principal processes in the pharmaceutical industry. You will acquire the transdisciplinary knowledge of science, law and business that will enable you to understand the various steps of research, development, testing, manufacturing and marketing of a drug, and to participate in obtaining its approval in the European and worldwide markets. You will be able to coordinate processes professionally with experts in different departments, and communicate with government health agencies.

Target Group

The part time study program for working professionals in Drug Research and Management is aimed mainly at graduates in the life sciences who have at least a year’s work experience in a pharmaceutical company, a government health agency, a pharmacy or a research facility. This program of study is particularly advantageous for:

  • Professionals working in the pharmaceutical industry in a medical or scientific department, in R&D, or in quality assurance or quality control who, after an initial phase of specialized work experience, want to obtain qualifications for further career advancements through a generalist continuing education program.
  • Doctoral candidates in the life sciences, including pharmacology, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, human or veterinary medicine who aspire to a position in an international context in the pharmaceutical industry or a drug regulatory agency.
Professional Field

You work in the pharmaceutical sector on the research and development, approval, production, marketing, or safety monitoring of active substances or drugs. You are responsible for the planning, coordination, conduct or documentation of studies and projects, for example, or for evaluating their results. Your area of responsibility is integrated in the pharmaceutical value chain with its complex framework. Thus your professional duties require specialized knowledge in order to ensure that your actions are in keeping with the scientific and technological state of the art. At the same time, in order to ensure the sustainability and profitability of your work, you must constantly stay abreast of its interdependencies with regulatory and business conditions, which change constantly with the ongoing discussion of health policy and with new research findings.

Admission Requirements

To enroll in the Master’s Degree Program in Drug Research and Management, you must have an undergraduate degree, preferably in a life science subject such as pharmacology, biology, biochemistry, chemistry, biotechnology, or human or veterinary medicine, and at least one year of related work experience. You must also demonstrate sufficient English language skills (at least level B2/C1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). English proficiency may be proved by:

  • An Internet-based TOEFL score of at least 80;
  • A paper-based TOEFL score of at least 550;
  • A TOEIC score of at least 750;
  • An IELTS 6.0 test;
  • A Cambridge Advanced Certificate of English (CAE), Level B;
  • One semester of university studies with English as the sole language of instruction, or;
  • Equivalent proof, such as proof of an exclusively English-speaking work environment.

The Master's degree program is taught in both English and German. Hence, applicants are required to have sufficient command of both languages.
Non-native German speakers must prove (no later than date of registration) B2 level German proficiency by means of a corresponding language test (e.g. TestDaF or DSH) or equivalent proof, such as of one semester of university studies with German as the sole language of instruction or work experience in an exclusively German-speaking work environment.

Persons without a university degree may be admitted by means of an assessment of their competency. In this case several years of work experience and appropriate qualifications are required. For further information please contact the study advisory service.

Tuition Fees

You’ll find further information on the Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) Program in Drug Research and Management in our Information and Download Center. You can request free, direct online access to detailed information including:

  • Tuition fees and application forms
  • The course syllabus
  • Study and examination regulations
  • Timetable of in-class units

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