Introductory Seminar

Complete Information: DUW Offers Introductory Seminars Regularly

You’re thinking of studying while continuing your career, but you’ve never had experience with distance learning? Or perhaps you’re already figuring out how to organize and motivate yourself as you begin a DUW programme?

We at DUW are here to help you! DUW’s flexible entry allows you to begin your course of study at DUW at any time. Furthermore, we hold introductory seminars monthly. This gives you an opportunity to optimize your start in the DUW programme you’ve chosen, to meet your fellow students, and to find out all there is to know about your course of study at once, right here at DUW.

We know from experience that studying is easier when you’re fully informed. The introductory seminars are optional, but we recommend that new students participate in one to gain useful information, hints, and personal contacts. Experienced DUW staff can provide you with pertinent facts and organizational information to help you integrate your studies right from the start with your career and your personal life. The Online Campus team is also on hand to offer you a live, graphic introduction to the DUW Online Campus, your virtual learning environment. Using a sample online learning unit, you’ll discover how an online seminar works and become familiar with the key functions of the Online Campus.

And what else? You’ll meet and talk with your fellow students, make new acquaintances — that’s also important for an optimum start in your professional development course at DUW.


To register for an introductory seminar, please get in touch with the student counselling team:
Phone: 0800-9 333 111