Quality: State Approved and Accredited

Assuring the quality of its programmes of study is of fundamental importance to DUW. An internal quality management system and expert evaluation by several independent bodies ensure the high level of our academic continuing education programmes and form the basis for their national and international certification.

State Recognized

Logo, Berlin Senate Department of Education, Science and Research

The Deutsche Universität für Weiterbildung (DUW) was recognized as a private scientific institution of higher education by the Senate Department of Education, Science and Research of the State of Berlin in April, 2008. DUW is thus authorized to bear the designation “University” and to confer academic degrees.

The university degree that you earn at DUW is thus equivalent with a degree acquired at a public university. The state recognition granted by the Berlin Senate Department of Education certifies that DUW fulfils all the formal and qualitative requirements of a university.


National Certification

ZFU Logo

All of DUW’s programmes of study are approved by the German federal Distance Learning Office (Zentralstelle für Fernunterricht, ZFU) in Cologne. This certifies that course content is complete, correct and appropriately presented to ensure that you can achieve your educational goal.


Independent Accreditation

ACQUIN Accreditation Agency Logo

All courses of study at DUW that lead to an academic degree are evaluated by the internationally recognized accreditation agency ACQUIN.

ACQUIN examines the academic quality of the degree courses, the attainability of the course objectives, the supervision of students, and the career prospects to which the specific continuing education offerings lead.

This certification ensures that your course of study, the counselling and supervision you receive as a student, and the qualification you earn meet the high requirements defined by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Study Programmes in Germany for university-level continuing education.