The International Dimension

Communication and cooperation with international partners in education and research, government and business form an important part of DUW’s work. A three-stage concept has been developed to provide guidance and structure for such international partnerships, and is currently in the implementation phase.

In the first phase, the international dimension is to be reflected in the development and realization of DUW’s programmes, across all courses and modules, in the discussion of scientific theory and in its application in individual study, online units and in-class sessions. In the master’s degree courses, the field trip will allow in-depth treatment of specific topics of special international significance. The field trip is organized under cooperation agreements with international partners abroad. In this connection, it is essential to establish and maintain international contacts with universities offering equivalent programmes of study, and to promote the advantages of an internationally networked course of study through the mutual recognition of comparable modules.

The second phase is founded on the continuing expansion of institutionalized forms of international cooperation in study and research. On the basis of bilateral agreements, selected certificate programmes and modules of master’s degree courses will be integrated in cooperative projects with partners in education and business. An example of this approach is the international, interuniversity Network on Political Communication (netPOL), which brings together research and study opportunities at universities in Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania in a common European framework.

The third phase of internationalization calls for the development and realization of programmes of study in English, positioned in the international education market in cooperation with educational and business partners in suitable target countries. Trailblazing internationalization projects at DUW include the Executive Master’s Degree in International Media Innovation Management, with working students from more than ten countries, and the Carl Benz Academy, founded in China with DUW as a partner university.