Studying While You Work

People who have entered the working world observe more and more often that lifelong learning is more than just a buzzword. The limitations of our initial professional education are increasingly restrictive due to the fast pace of technological change, the globalized economy and the accompanying changes in the labour market. Because both companies and their employees are under increasing pressure to acquire qualifications, continuing education has long been a necessary part of a successful, fulfilled professional biography.

But people who are active in their profession, as well as involved in their family and their society, are often unable to take advantage of academic continuing education. The demands of their everyday lives leave no room to integrate a conventional continuing education course with fixed class schedules.

Distance Studies at DUW

  • Flexible
  • Where you want
  • When you want
  • Self-directed
  • Innovative

Continuing Education at DUW

  • Scientific
  • Practical
  • Postgraduate level
  • Results-oriented
  • Expert instruction
  • Individual supervision

Distance studies at DUW are different. At DUW, you can learn, with academic support, wherever you are and whenever you find the time. That means you can broaden, deepen and update your knowledge and abilities while working, within your own time budget and at your learning speed. At the same time, the combination of work and study allows you to incorporate your professional projects, experience and problems in your continuing education studies, and to apply and test what you learn immediately in your professional environment.

DUW’s distance learning model leaves you the freedom you need to make your professional and private life compatible with your studies. The balanced combination of theory and practice, supported by our academic supervision and individual counselling, ensures that you receive the best possible professional qualification.