Mag. Dr. Alexander Apschner, Clinical Monitor

“The university certificate facilitated my career move from basic research to the pharmaceutical industry. It provided an excellent knowledge base for my new job. The certificate program on “Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs” is a very well prepared introduction to the field of clinical research. In my opinion it offers outstanding value for money, comprises well-structured study material and is accompanied by very good student support.”

Dr. Katharina Duchardt, Regulatory Affairs Manager

„For me, the program laid the groundwork for accessing regulatory affairs. It provided a comprehensive overview of regulatory regions, structures, and resources. Thus it enabled me to learn “on the job” in a rather small enterprise that has no RA department of its own.”

Dr. Andreas Marc Palmer, Senior Manager Global Project Management

„As a project manager I‘m responsible for the development of generic pharmaceuticals and involved in all phases starting from the selection of projects to the launch of the eventual product. My experience is that the phases of “clinical trial” and “approval”, respectively, are decisive. In this respect the DUW study program on “Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs” provided crucial and valuable knowledge. The certificate program is highly recommendable because it offers basic knowledge on “Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs” in a varied yet consolidated manner. The study booklets are very well designed from a didactical point of view. The in-class seminars are held by experts with comprehensive work experience in the respective field. There also is the opportunity to exchange views and to network with fellow students and lecturers. Overall, the study program is very much related to practice and interactively designed.”

Dr. Margit Schnee, Regulatory Affairs Manager

“The certificate program very well fostered my career entry as a Regulatory Affairs Manager. At my workplace I could learn very much from my co-workers; much of my basic knowledge, however, I learned in the DUW study program. The blend of study booklets, homework, and in-class seminars was ideal for professional studies. For me, it was particularly important to get an overview as well as basic knowledge of the entire field of regulatory affairs. This helps a lot in my current job and helps me to grow in confidence with regard to future steps in this field. While my job as a regulatory affairs manager mainly revolved around daily business, the certificate program prompted me to occupy myself with other issues or regulations. Therefore I have acquired a comprehensive knowledge basis now. With regard to clinical sciences, I also gained crucial knowledge and skills which provides understanding of the field and enables collaborative work.”


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