The Blend of Learning Formats for Your Success

Study Booklets

You will receive specially developed materials for individual study in which current scientific knowledge is prepared according to the latest findings of higher education research. Carefully apportioned learning units that you can assimilate even after a demanding workday, exercises and assignments that reinforce your learning progress, and examples that help you to relate what you have learned to your professional environment all contribute to successful learning.

Online Units

The interactive seminars held on the Online Campus are integrated in your study schedule. With their focus on collaboration, they simulate professional practice in an increasingly project-based working world. Virtual classroom events, online seminars, blogs on specific themes, and individual academic instructors’ office hours: the Online Campus is your virtual learning environment and at the same time your constant connection to the DUW community. This is where you’ll get expert support from your instructors, exchange ideas with your fellow students, and make valuable contacts with interesting people.

In-class Sessions

The carefully apportioned on-site seminars are a fixed point of reference in your flexible program of study at DUW. The main focus is on cooperation with your fellow students, and on the development of your personal skills in dealing with typical challenges in your field of professional activity. These units also provide an opportunity to meet and talk with DUW instructors, and to discover Berlin together with your fellow students.


Assessments at DUW are coordinated with the subject matter of the given course and secure your learning outcomes. In keeping with the special requirements of a continuing education program, each course gives preference to those assessment formats that best reflect the demands of your day-to-day professional activity. These can include reports on practice, presentations, case studies and team projects. Your course will prepare you specifically for each assessment.